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October 26, 2017
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November 28, 2017
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Wilmington’s 3rd Quarter 2017 Cost of Living Unchanged

The costs associated with living in Wilmington in the 3rd quarter of 2017 were unchanged compared to 2nd quarter 2017 and those of the average city, according to the results of the 3rd quarter 2017 national ACCRA cost of living survey. The overall composite index for Wilmington was 96.2, based on a national average index of 100. Wilmington’s 2nd Quarter 2017 index score was also 96.2. Local data for the survey is collected by the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce and submitted to ACCRA for analysis.

The Cost of Living Index measures the differences in the cost of consumer goods and services between cities for a middle-class standard of living. 265 urban areas in the United States participated in the most recent study. Manhattan was the most expensive city, with an index of 242.9, more than twice the national average. McAllen, Texas was the least expensive metro area, with an index of 76.7.

The full study results are based on more than 90,000 data points covering 400 different cities that are gathered by area chambers of commerce, economic development groups, or similar organizations in each urban area during the same 3-day time frame. Each community is given a composite index in which the average score is 100, derived from six categories: housing, utilities, grocery items, transportation, healthcare, and miscellaneous goods and services.