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October 10, 2017
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November 20, 2017
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Wilmington Chamber Unveils New Strategic Plan

The Wilmington Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors unveiled a new 3-year strategic plan today in an effort to better serve its members and the community, as well as expand the organization’s role as the region’s business advocate. Capitalizing on several perceived strengths are at the heart of the Plan, including the Chamber’s standing as the voice of business, its positive influence politically and with public policy/advocacy efforts, and a board of directors that is in tune to issues affecting business.

To concisely define the Chamber’s mission, a new vision statement was drafted: We position our community for prosperity by cultivating business growth. This vision will guide the Chamber’s work through 2020, using several critical success strategies that were developed during a strategic planning retreat:

  • be the effective business advocate;
  • promote the Chamber, the region, and the assets within;
  • ensure workforce is well developed and trained;
  • serve as the regional facilitator;
  • foster and develop leaders of the Chamber, community and elected bodies; and
  • achieve sustained financial health.

To review the Strategic Plan and learn more about the goals that have been identified to encourage economic development in the region, please follow this link.