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Business Community Needs to Provide Input in New Hanover County Comprehensive Plan

The public launch of the New Hanover County Comprehensive Plan takes place Thursday, February 27 from 3:00-5:00 pm at the New Hanover County Government Center, 230 Government Center Drive, Suite 135. The Comprehensive Plan will be the guide to address the county’s current development trends and determine the vision for the county over the next 25 years. It’s imperative that the business community has a voice in these plans.

To participate in the process:
• Attend the public launch meeting on February 27th.
• Sign up online at www.plannhc.com for updates.
• Join one of six committees (see themes below) at the public launch:

March 17th: Livable Built Environment: Ensure that all elements of the built environment, including land use, transportation, housing, energy, and infrastructure work together to provide sustainable, green places for living, working, and recreation, to produce a high quality life.

March 19th: Harmony with Nature: Ensure the contributions of natural resources to human well-being are explicitly recognized and valued and that maintaining their health is a primary objective.

March 21st: Responsible Regionalism: Ensure all local proposals account for, connect with, and support the plans of adjacent jurisdictions and the surrounding region.

March 24th: Interwoven Equity: Ensure fairness and equity in providing housing, services, health, safety, and livelihood needs of all citizen groups.

March 26th: Healthy Community: Ensure public health needs are recognized and addressed through provisions for healthy foods, physical activity, access to recreation, health care, environmental justice, and safe neighborhoods.

March 27th: Resilient Economy: Ensure the community is prepared to deal with both positive and negative changes in its economic health and to initiate sustainable urban development and redevelopment strategies that foster business growth through technology and innovation and build reliance on local assets.

For more information, Click Here or contact Jennifer Rigby at 910.798.7237 or jrigby@nhcgov.com.